My first cuckold experience

My name is Michael. I’m white but tan, 6’2 , 205 lbs. masculine, and I work out a lot so I m in really good shape. My girlfriend, Sandra, is tan and about 5’5 and 110 lbs. She’s blonde with a really hot body, firm tits, and nice ass. She’s a freshman in college and I’m out of college. We had been going out for about 2 months. At the time I was 25 and she was 19 years old. This was about one year ago. We finally had sex after 2 months of dating. I thought it went pretty well even though I only lasted about 5 minutes. But I went down on her for about 20 minutes and she really seemed to enjoy it. I always rely on my tongue because my cock is only 3.5 inches and really thin. The worst part of the experience was the look on her face when she took my pants off and looked disappointed. This happened on a Saturday night and we didn’t see each other until the next Friday night because I was working all week and she had classes and homework.

On this Friday night we were going to a party at a house on her campus. I went to her dorm room to pick her up and she was waiting for me. She told me that she was going downstairs to pick up her mail. I said I would wait for her in her dorm. After she left I saw on her answering machine said she had one message so I went over and pushed play. There was a message from earlier that day from her friend Nicky "Hey Sandra, I can’t wait for the party tonight, there are going to be so many hot guys there. Are you still going with little cock Michael? Because there are going to be a lot of big buff black guys there with big black cocks. I know how much you crave them. Haha you should just fuck them in front of Michael. Talk to ya tonight hun." This totally deflated any confidence I had. I knew I had a little cock but all girls I had dated were nice enough to not mention it. Just then I heard the door opening again and Sandra was back. She said Nicky just called my cell, she’s on her way over here and she’s going with us to the party I said okay. A few minutes later Nicky arrived and we left. We were walking there because it was only across campus. The entire way there they just whispered to each other and giggled. I knew they were talking about me. I knew this because Sandra kept giggling and playfully smacking Nicky on the arm and saying, "Oh, be nice". About half way there Nicky asks me if I was going to dance at the party. I said "no I can’t dance". She says "Ya, white boys have no rhythm, or other things girls like. Isn’t that right Sandra?" as she nudged Sandra. Sandra gave me a devilish little smirk and looked at Nicky and said, "That’s right!" At this point I lost all feelings of manliness. I felt like a little bitch. I felt I saying Screw you to the both of them. But I didn’t because I really liked Sandra and we had a lot of fun together. We finally got to the party and went in. The house was packed full of mostly hot white girls and black guys. The three of us went and got beer from the keg; while we were doing this three big black guys came over and hugged Nicky and Sandra. The five of them were talking but I couldn’t hear what they were saying because the music was too loud. Two of the blacks guys were on both sides of Sandra leaning in and touching her stomach and whispering in her ear. She kept laughing at whatever they were saying and playfully hitting them in the chest with an open hand. This went on for a few minutes then Sandra and Nicky leaned back to me and handed me their beers. Sandra said for me to watch the beers for them while they dance. I said okay. She went out onto the dance floor and the black guys were all over her. She was grinding on them while one rubbed her ass and the other rubbed her boobs.

They danced for about 20 minutes then the floor got so crowded I couldn’t find them in the crowd. So I stayed on the stool I was at and a few minutes later I spotted Sandra walking over to the couch about 20 feet away with a big black guy. He was about 6’4 , and around 230 lbs. of muscle. His name is Tyron, I recognized him because he’s the starting wide receiver for the football team. Tyron sat down on the couch and Sandra sat on him straddling his hips with her tits pressed up against his face. She was starting to grind up and down on him like they were fucking. She then started to make out with him while she was riding him. I couldn’t believe my eyes; I had never been in a situation like this before. I looked up directly in front of me and Nicky was there bent over with her ass grinding on a black guys cock. She smiled and looked at me, then at Sandra, then back at me and said "You having a good time". I said "yeah". But the weird thing was I actually was. Seeing my girlfriend on top of a big black stud was really making me horny. I had never felt like this before, usually I feel so masculine but at this moment I felt so feminine and submissive. Sandra and Tyron grinded and made out on the couch for about 30 minutes before getting up and going upstairs.

I followed them upstairs where I saw them go into a bedroom. I was so horny that I had to watch. I went and opened the door and there was Sandra, my sweet girlfriend, on her knees sucking a big 11 inch black cock. She just gave me that same devilish smirk she gave me earlier and went on licking his big hanging balls all up his gigantic shaft. Tyron just laughed and said "hey white boy". I took off all my clothes and my 3.5 inch cock was hard as it could be. I sat down in a chair in the corner and watched my Sandra as she sucked and fucked her black stud for two and a half hours. I had already come on myself three times. When at this point he was fucking her doggy style and he says he’s going to cum. She tells him she wants it all over her face. When her and I fucked the one time last week she wouldn’t let me cum on her; she just jerked me until I came on my chin and chest. But that wasn’t the case with Tyron, she hopped down on her knees and he jizzed all over her faced and chin and she had her mouth wide open and got quite a load to swallow. He then smacked his cock against her chin a few times and said "We’ve got to do this again sometime". And she said, "I could have this every night". He just kind of laughed then put his clothes on and left while she stayed on her knees watching him with love in her eyes until he left the room. Then she stood up, walked over to me with hot cum all over her mouth and chin and bent down and gave me a big kiss. It was the best kiss I had ever gotten. The cum tasted so good. We both cleaned ourselves off and put our clothes on. We held hands all the way back to her dorm where we lied and cuddled as we watched movies all night.

This happened about a year ago. Sandra and I are still together and deeply in love. We now are engaged and live together, while she still goes to college. We have a few black studs that come over a couple times a week and fuck the both of us and we couldn’t be happier.

posted: 15-12-2010.

My wife Sarah and her Bull - Part 2

"Who owns this ass?" Rock loudly called out as he slapped Sarah's ass between strokes.

"You own my ass, Rock!!" Sarah exclaimed between breaths.

"Who owns this ass, boy?" Rock asked as he turned to Steve while not missing a a beat in pumping Sarah's ass.

"My wife's ass is yours alone for your pleasure, Rock." Steve replied with apparent arousal. Having verbally declared his submission to his wife's Bull, Steve's arousal exponentially intensified. "Oh, God!!", thought Steve to himself. "How badly I want to jack my dick and blow my load right here and now!! I've got to hold it together. I can't miss my chance to eat that ass pie." Turning his gaze to Sarah's sexy feet, Steve was struck with the urgent desire to suck her toes while her Bull fucked her. As he continued to look on and fantasize about sucking her sexy toes, Steve noticed her toes begun to curl. He knew then that she was close to climaxing. By the bottom of Rock's next stroke, Sarah grew still, silent, and stopped breathing as an intense orgasm encroached. With the force of a tidal wave, the powerful orgasm began to emanate from her clit and ass outward to her extremities back and again, over and over. As the orgasmic waves shuddered throughout her body, Sarah involuntarily quivered from head to toe. At the end of her explosive orgasm, she found herself exhausted, but dutifully kept meeting her Bull stroke for stroke so as to not interrupt his pleasure. "Come here, honey.", Sarah turned and said to Steve as her orgasm subsided and Rock continued to pump her ass. "You've held back and controlled yourself well. You deserve an early treat. I know how you get off from sucking my toes. I saw you looking just now. Get down there and suck my toes to reward yourself" "Is that OK with you, baby?" Sarah looked over her shoulder to ask Rock for his permission. "Yeah, the boy's done well. He's also working double time to arrange our fuck dates lately. He deserves a treat."

Dutifully, and thankful for the opportunity, Steve crossed the room, knelt on the bed by Sarah's left foot and began sucking her toes as he alternated glances between the BBC anklet she wears at all times and the sight of Rock working her ass over with his 11-inch cock. Being this close to the action, the heat and smell from their bodies overwhelmed Steve's senses. He could think of no other place that he'd rather be than right here, right now, sucking his wife's toes as her Bull pumped her ass.

Without warning, Rock's tempo began to slow and become more controlled. Both Sarah and Steve knew with eager anticipation that Rock was reaching his climax. To better position himself for his ultimate reward, Steve rose and lay back down on the king-sized bed head to toe beside his wife. To ensure that she climaxed with her Bull, Sarah began frantically frigging her clit. Finally, Rock thrusted forward into Sarah's ass with a force that would have slammed her into the headboard if it weren't for the powerful retraining force of Rock's large black hands on her white ass. "Arrgghhhh !!" screamed Rock as he thrusted forward and pumped with explosive force his potent black seed deep into Sarah's bowels. "Oh shiiiittttt !! cried Sarah as another powerful orgasm rippled through her body. "Nut deep in my ass, baby!! Fill my gut with your black cum, baby !" shouted Sarah lost in the throws of her orgasm and the unfathomable fulfillment of having pleased her Bull.

With each pulse of Rock's cock as he orgasmed, his massive cock showered Sarah's bowels with squirt after squirt of this hot thick seed. Remaining as still as she could, Sarah worked her ass muscles in time to Rock's cock pulses to ensure that milked every last drop of her Bull's pearl jam into her ass.

Slowly, withdrawing all eleven inches of his shiny thick cum-coated cock from Sarah's ass, Rock looked down at Steve and commanded, "Get into position for your reward, boy."

Without hesitation, Steve slid under Sarah's crotch as she remains on her hands and knees.

"Tell me what you want, honey. Tell me what you need more than anything" Sarah requested of her husband with a stern tenderness. "I need to eat your Bull's cum from your ass more than anything, honey. Please feed me your Bull's cum." Steve pleaded with arousal. Rocking back on the heels of her feet, Sarah positioned her beautiful white cum-filled ass over her husband's mouth to feed him his reward. Kneeling beside Sarah as she raised into position, Rock took hold of the back of Sarah's head and pressed her mouth tightly against his to deeply and forcefully french kiss her. Squatting over Steve with her mouth locked with Rock's in deep french kiss, Sarah began to work her ass muscles in effort to squeeze Rock's seed from her bowels into the hungry mouth of her husband.

As he awaited his reward, Steve's heat rate nearly doubled with excitement. At first sight of Rock's seed beginning to leak from his wife's ass, his stomach tumbled with butterflies. Opening his mouth wide, Steve let all of Rock's thick seed slowly drip from his wife's ass down his waiting tongue. Although Rock's seed was close to overfilling his mouth, Steve held wide to catch the last drop of this precious fluid. Content that Sarah had now squeezed all of Rock's seed into his his mouth, Steve slowly closed both his mouth and eyes to savor the salty sweet taste and the essence of the creamy cum from his wife's Bull. Finally, swallowing and ingesting Rock's seed, Steve lay lost in his thoughts in total contentment.

By ingesting his wife's Bull's seed from her ass, he was at that very moment one with both his hot wife and her virile Bull. This was his place. He was meant for this place. He was at home. He'd rather be nowhere else. He also knew there was nothing we would not do for the sake of his wife's relationship with her Bull.

posted: 15-12-2010.

My wife Sarah and her Bull

"Fuck yeah!!" grunted Rock aggressively as he slowly pushed the head of his thick swollen 11-inch black cock against the sphincter of Sarah's waiting white ass. "Give me that ass."

Covering Sarah's left ass check with his large black left which stood out stark black white contrast to her pale white ass, Rock pulled Sarah's cheek wider open. Pushing the shiny black mushroom head of his 11-inch cock harder against Sarah's sphincter with his right thumb, he finally pushed his thick cock head past Sarah's sphincter. In response to the welcome intrusion, Sarah gasped with pleasure and relaxed to accommodate Rock's massive girth. Arching her back and pushing her heavy D-cup breasts into the silk sheets of her bed, Sarah reached back to spread her smooth round white ass cheeks wide, totally giving up her ass to Rock. As Rock demands, her ass is his alone. Sarah desires with all her being, and with her husband's strong encouragement, that her virile Bull totally own and dominate her in bed. "This white ass is yours taking anytime, any place, you want, Rock." she seductively purred.

In her mid 30s, blonde, 36D breasts, flat stomach with thick strong legs and ample junk in da trunk the way the brotha's love, Sarah knows she could have any man she desires. Dressing conservatively, or slutty, Sarah turns heads no matter where she goes; be it church or night club. Nothing fulfills her needs more, though, than knowing that her body is the sole property of a powerful black Bull while benefiting from the financial security and deep emotional connection with her more sedate, but totally predictable husband, Steve. As had been the case for the past year since Rock first cucked her husband, Steve's only access to his wife's ass has been to clean Rock's creampies from it when rewarded for adhering to the rules. Otherwise, Steve's only other access to his wife's ass has been to lube it with his tongue and saliva when demanded by Rock to prepare Sarah's ass for his cock.

Willingly accepting Rock's sexual superiority and totally submitting to it, Steve finds extraordinary and inexplicable gratification in yielding to Rock absolute and exclusive sexual access to his wife. By doing so, Steve fills his deep seated need to satisfy all of his hot wife's physical needs as he had promised to himself when they were first betrothed. Secondly, through some type of psychological associative principle, Steve takes great pride that the woman with whom he shares a hand in marriage can attract and fulfill the primal desires of such virile black Bulls as Rock.

"Push it in deep, baby", said Sarah with a sexy growl. *"Bury that big black cock in my ass. Balls-deep. Fill up my ass. Show Steve who owns this ass. *Show him how a real man works this white ass." says Sarah as she takes more of Rock's cock in her ass.

Looking up from the sight of his throbbing black cock now a full 7 inches into Sarah's bowels, Rock glared directly at Steve standing quietly in the corner of the expansive and lavishly furnished master bedroom. Standing naked, Steve was steadily stroking his 7-inch white dick to the enthralling and erotic sight of Rock's turgid cock impaling his wife. Catching Rock's menacing glare, Steve immediately stopped stroking his dick. "Did Sarah say you are allowed to cum?" demanded Rock in his deep baritone voice. "You forget the rules, or something?", boomed Rock with authority in Steve's bedroom.

Standing 5'10", fit, with good muscle definition and handsome enough to have won the incredibly sexy Sarah's hand in marriage, Steve had returned his eyes to the spectacle of Rock's enormous cock penetrating his wife's ass. Raising his eye from this irresistible sight, he met Rock's and Sarah's combined glare. Although fit, Steve's physique was nothing compared to the bulk of sharply defined muscle, the power, and the sheer virility of Rock at 6 feet tall, late 20s, dark black with the looks to make any woman cream her pussy. Just as important, out of necessity Steve's general demeanor had been molded by corporate America. To survive and thrive in the only profession he knew, he had to become like them. He had to become a well-mannered corporate automaton. He was not the badass Rock who was molded by the streets and instilled fear. He was not the badass Rock who could make Sarah's pussy cream. "No sir. I haven't forgotten the rules." meekly replied Steve.

"Repeat them back so we're all clear", snapped his wife as she pushed back to take the last four inches of Rock's big cock in her big ass. Turning her head to look over her shoulder to her Bull, Sarah smiled luridly.

"I am not to cum in the presence of my wife and her Bull. Otherwise, I will be denied the pleasure of eating her Bull's superior black seed from her cunt and ass. Also, I am not to touch my wife or her bull while they are making love without their express request or consent. Otherwise, I will be denied the privilege of watching my wife's Bull please her", recites Steve from memory with the appropriate submissive tone.

Since being cucked over the past year, Steve has had to recite these rules on numerous occasions for his wife and Rock when he was close to violating one of the rules. Hardest of all for Steve was mustering the restraint required to keep from masturbating as the powerfully virile Rock fucked his sexy wife. Less difficult, but far from easy, was restraining himself from the compulsory desire to hold and pet his wife while her Bull took her as his own.

With the taste of Rock's pussy creampie still on his lips and the smell of their combined fuck juices from the earlier fuck session still deep within his nostrils, Steve was hungrier than ever for one of Rock's creampies from his wife's ass. He was not about to fuck up and forgo that pleasure. Obediently, Steve crossed his hands behind his back to help fight the urge to jack off.

Satisfied with Steve's obedience, Rock and Sarah soon began to develop an erotic ass fucking rhythm; a rhythm that only a superior black cock can maintain. As Sarah's ass loosened more for Rock's big cock, the tempo of Rock's cock thrusts in and out of Sarah's hungry open ass increased. Soon, both Rock and Sarah glistened with sweat as the heat or their passion rose and their black on white bodies melded into one. Still looking on from the corner or his bedroom with his hands behind his back, Steve's dick throbbed, jerked and dripped with precum at the sight of Rock's glistening muscles rippling upon each thrust. With each stroke, Rock's ass clenched as he bottomed out in Sarah's ass. Swinging and clinking in rhythm, Rock's thick gold chain bounced off his hard black glistening pectorals. In tandem, Sarah's heavy breasts swung as her nipples raked the silk bed sheets as she met Rock with her ass stroke for stroke. Upon each balls-deep impact from Rock, her soft voluptuous ass flesh rippled and triggered a groan of pleasure from Sarah. As the heat of Sarah's and Rock's passion increased, the distinct smell of hot fucking reached Steve's nose to mingle with the essence of the earlier creampie he had enjoyed. These combined smells serviced to intensify his arousal to yet a higher level.

Sarah, now meeting each thrust in ecstasy, frigged her clit with her right hand. Lost in the rapture of being owned, totally filled, and having the ability to please her powerful Bull, she moaned in bliss from each of Rock's powerful pumps. Looking upon Sarah with her eyes closed and the look of ecstasy on her face, Steve knew that his hot wife's Bull was giving her what she so badly needed and deserved. Out of love for his wife and his innate desire to meet all her needs, Steve knew that Sarah 's body would never be his again. Instead, his role as a cuckold husband demanded that he do everything within his power to support and enhance the relationship of his hot wife with her Bull.

posted: 10-12-2010.

Hubby's Fantasy - Part 7

I tell all 3 guys to go into the bathroom as I strap on the largest dildo before taking the blindfold off my wife. I need her to believe it was me. I take cum off the bed and smear it all over the dildo..I need this to be realistic . I slip up to my wife, remove her head phones, remove her blindfold and look in her eyes...they are filled with tears...she was crying from joy during the whole fucking. "Rick" she says. "I can't begin to describe how many times I came and how deep you got those dildos. She looks down at the dildo on attached to my cock and waist. Wow, that cum looks so real. I tell her, "Yea, its an organic mixture, safe for sex, that is water solvable and looks like cum. It even has a similar is amazing". "Your damn straight!". It's even edible. I lift the dildo up to her mouth to see if she will taste it. She takes the 12 inch head in her mouth and swirls her tongue, taking the REAL man cream and swallowing. I tel her how hot that fucking was and whether she wants it again. "She looks me dead in the eyes and says "FUCK YES RICK". In fact, your small dick compared to that dildo will probably never satisfy me". "What!...but baby..." "No Rick...I now know what it feels like to be completely filled. I never knew cock could feel like that..."Baby, it's a cock is that big!". Her original comments floored me forcing me to sit in the chair I sat in during all 3 fuck sessions. "It's time you find your place loser!". I feel hands on my shoulders holding me down as my arms and legs get tied to the chair.."What the FUCK! I scream".

"Rick...hunny, sweety... you must not have known Alex and I work together. I might be in the corporate office, but Alex being in records has allowed us to form quite a friendship. you see...Alex told me of what you were planning for our anniversary, and of your perverse obsession with a black guy fucking me....well guess what, I went along with the plan once I saw Alex's cock 2 weeks ago. My pussy has been wet ever since...and No, I haven't fucked him until tonight.. .I wanted that part of your fantasy to stay true you small dick looser.

"You probably didn't know, but Alex and his buddies installed a video camera right there capturing ALL of this. You are going to do what I say...or certain people will see this video. I think given my slutty job will be safe...but not so much yours", my wife said.

"By the way...I had software installed on your computer to track everything you do...and it seems you are quite obsessed with the cuckold lifestyle. Alex, this provided me all the information and websites I need to understand your sick mind and I must say...controlling you is going to be a huge fucking turn on.". You are now my sissy cuckold!

"It's time Alex" wife says. I feel a blindfold going over my eyes and headphones blaring music into my ears. I am dragged onto the bed...screaming "what the fuck!" only for my screams to be drowned out in my own head by music. I am strapped to the bed on my back. "This was only a fantasy.. I scream... I only wanted you to get fucked!". Moments later...I feel a weight on my chest and my wifes tits on my tights. She is reversed...what the hell is she doing. Then, I feel her pussy lips lowered onto my mouth. I can smell the cum and feel her juicy/cum wetness on her pussy lips. I feel hands on the back of my head pushing upwards as she sits down on my face. "OMG...I ph...want to umph....lick their cu.......m mmmph cum starts pouring into my mouth. All the loads they shot, even though some leaked out, were still deep inside her in places I have never stream after stream flowed in my mouth. I didn't want to be here...but my dick was rock hard telling everyone in the room I enjoyed this. I start licking her cunt as more cum fills my mouth. It is salty, musky, but I start to enjoy it as it flows down my throat. I start licking her clit causing her pussy to spasm and more sperm to escape her gaping cunt.

I feel myself being pulled up and onto the floor. I am on my knees and I feel the soft textured feeling of a cock being press against my lips. I keep my lips pursed trying not to give in. I feel my wifes hands on the back of my head and fingers on my nose. I try to hold on but have to breathe. The moment my lips open the cock head penetrate s my mouth. I can smell and taste the cum still on his cock. My wife begins pushing rhythmically and his already slick cock is mixing with my saliva. I feel my blindfold come off and the headphone s ripped off my ears as I look up and see John smiling down at me. His huge black balls, thick black cock is before me with 3 inches of cock in my mouth. My dick is rock hard as I bow to this black God of a man. The submission that has come over me shows his superiority. I start to suck his cock myself with my wifes hands leaving my head. Out of the corner of my eye I see my wife on her knees, sucking Alex's massive cock. Will is getting behind her with a rock hard dick getting ready to penetrate her for the 2nd time tonight.

I feel a strange swelling in my mouth as I look up and John's eyes are rolling into the back of his heads. My eyes grow as wide as saucers knowing he is getting ready to cum. I try to back off but his hands grab the back of my head HARD as he pulls me deeper. His cock head hits the back of my throat as I feel hot jets of cum shooting straight down. He grunts letting his seed shoot in spurts over and over again. With his cock deep in my mouth, I hear my wife say "Rick hunny...btw - I got off the pill 3 weeks ago and this IS my fertile time of the month!. Fuck me hard Will!.

I try to talk with John's cock in my mouth, but all anyone hears is a muffles "Noooahhhh h...mmph". A smile forms on everyones face as John's cock leaves my lips and my wife begins another slow descent into orgasmic heaven.

I realize I have lost my wife forever...she now belongs to black men!

posted: 28-12-2009.

Hubby's Fantasy - Part 6

With the extra lube now coating his cock and her pussy, he begins pushing deep into her, inch by inch as I see her ass start to actually back up into him. He has about 7 of his 10 inches in her...knowing at that stage the only difference between him and I is his thickness. That changes as another inch disappears...and then another. My wife has a constant growl/moan that keeps escaping her lips. It seems like a carnal hunger actually. He begins pulling out and slowly slamming it back in. Over and over again he begins a relentless pounding of her pussy. I have lost count how many orgasms she has had, and I bet she has to. I hear her start to say in between the moans and pounding how good that thick long dildo feels and she couldn't believe she has never had this. She says she can't believe how real the dildo life like. The warmth...the texture...the veins...feel incredible.

John is now pounding into her with lighting speed, his cock and her pussy a constant blur. I see her start to violently shake as a small streak of liquid gushes from her pussy. MY WIFE JUST EJACULATED! Holy shit. Her body is shaking as her orgasm overtakes her body. This is to much for John as he pounds her harder and faster burying his cock to his balls. My wife now has a 10 x 6 inch cock completely buried in her snatch. He holds it there as his thick cock spasms shooting huge loads of cum deep in her pussy. Thank god she is on the pill. These guys were tested, so no STD's...but I probably should have had them wear condoms. Alex told me none of them ever wear condoms and if we wanted this done to my s there way or the highway. I gave in.

John holds his cock in her for a full 2 minutes letting it continue to spasm. I hear my wife muffle something about how real the dildo water jets HOT. John withdraws his cock slowly as I see my wifes stretched out pussy lips holding tight onto his cock. His thick head "pops" out leaving her pussy literally gaping. I move into position and can see his seed deep in her. I can never get that deep I think to myself. Ever.

I look over and my wife appears to be passed out. I go up to her and lift the blindfold. I lightly tap her face to wake her up but no response. She is exhausted . I look over at Alex and tell him give her a try...may be a thick cock in her pussy is enough to wake her up.

Alex has been stroking his 12 inch sausage for 30 minutes now waiting his turn. The only way he could even fuck my wife is if myself, Will, and John went before him...slowly loosening her up inch by inch.

He is rock hard, showing 12 solid inches x 7 inches around. It looks like a god damn baseball bat and a part of me thinks I should stop all this now, let me wife sleep, and maintain some dignity. As he starts to walk up to her on the bed, I start to say something but John, sensing my nervousness, distracts me by asking a question. .."Rick...will your wife ever feel you again?". My eyes pop open wide as I dart my head back to my wife. Alex has already shoved 3 inches of his fat sausage in my wife. I already hear moans escaping my wife saying "so's so thick". Another inch disappears...and then another. Surprisingly, her pussy is offering little resistance as John stretched her out good. But to my wife, this feels like a brand new cock. "Hun....nnn....yyyyy...I waaaant you to use the bigggggggggggggesttttttttttt. dildo EVERY fucking night.... ......I'm cumming.. ...."

Alex, having his ego boosted ever farther with that comment flexes his cock even more as he drives more and more in. I don't think my wife can take all 12 inches... I tell Alex. "You bet your motherfucking cracka ass she can". More cock disappear s until I realize he is balls deep. My wife literally has 12 inches of monster cock buried and she thinks its a dildo. My wife is babbling like a baby...completely incoherant all while in a constant shake obviously from consistent orgasms. Alex's fingers begin brushing her clit, which is rock hard as he pounds away at her pussy. His balls, slapping her cunt lips I reaches up to grab her shoulders so he can bury even deeper. I hear my wife let out a groan I have never heard before. The groan lasted for a full 15 seconds as Alex begins a punishing pounding over and over and over. I see 12 inches of cock, then none...12 inches... then none...just a flashing blur. I hear Alex start to huff and puff as he tries to hold back his orgasm as my wife reaches another high. I hear what sounds like a manly bellow as Alex starts cumming in my wife squirting hot jet after jet of thick cum. I could see his cock spasming which went on for 30 seconds. That whole time cum was filling my wife. "Unbelievable" I hear my wife say..."unbelievable". The rock/rap music keeps blaring away in her ears as Alex pulls out, his cock still fairly hard as her lips grab onto it for life, like her pussy has a mind of its own and NEED his cock in her.

His cock plops out as cum immediate ly pours out of her pussy. My wifes pussy is a white covered sticky mess...her trimmed pubes completely matted down from the massive fucking she got. I came all over the floor during the middle of Alex's fuck session shooting my little bit of cum on the carpet. I have a baby dick compared to Alex.

posted: 5-12-2009.

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